Hope Sweet Hope

We are Sturbridge, MA’s premier candy store since 2015.  Our business is proud to provide vocational opportunities for the Center of Hope Foundations’ members, who are individuals with disabilities and/or disabling circumstances, who want to work productively within their communities.  At COH, we believe that anyone who wants to work, should be given the opportunity to do so, as work is an important part of life.  Work helps individuals gain autonomy and self-direction.   Individuals are empowered to explore their strengths, desires, work skills and vocational abilities through a comprehensive evaluation program that offers testing to identify strengths, needs interest, goals and opportunities.

In addition, we have quite a sweet tooth, and love to share our favorite selections of (a wide variety of) candies and treats with those in and around Sturbridge, MA.

Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm, and  Sunday 12pm to 6pm.


The Center of Hope Foundation

The Center of Hope Foundation provides people with disabilities and their families the resources, services and opportunities to be contributing members of their communities, and to achieve the most fulfilling and meaningful lives possible.

As an organization, we aim:

  • To foster the acquisition of those skills necessary for obtaining and maintaining a viable standard of living.
  • To assist individuals with severe disabilities to develop and acquire the services and resources, which will allow them to meet their goals for meaningful and productive living.
  •  To facilitate the development of each person’s confidence and self-esteem crucial for one’s growth, development and independence. To assist with the development and nurturing of fulfilling relationships.

Click here to visit the Center of Hope Foundations’ website.

Click here to read all about the Center of Hope Foundations’ deeply-rooted history.

Jane Maudsley

Jane is Hope Sweet Hope’s wonderful store manager.  With more than 10 years’ experience at the locally famous Hebert’s Candy Store, and another 5 years’ experience working in the bakery at Publick House, she is truly on top of the game when it comes to all things sweets.  Jane takes great pride in hand-making Hope Sweet Hope’s vast fudge collection, and putting together creative seasonal gift baskets.  In her spare time, Jane likes to take craft classes and bake with her grandchildren.



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